Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Minx V Nail Art V Air Brush

Minx Nails- A flexible polymer that is heated then applied to nails, like a sticker. Five product lines are available to choose from Metallic, Standard Designs,  Custom,  Armour & Colour. Minx nails claims not to chip and a photogenic fashion trend. To remove the foils unlike polish, heat is required! Remove under a hair dryer gently from side to side using a nail moisturiser after use.

Nail Art- Creative hand painted polish designs with the optional use of rhinestones and glitter finish. This is a professional art one of which with practice, patience and enjoyment you can carry out on your own nails! By using stripers, brushes, bobby pins, marbling tools and a tooth pick you can create flawless designs! Always give them beautiful nails a base and top coat. Recommend  Avon Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard Top Coat

Airbrush- Nail polish is airbrushed onto the nail creating styles with the use of a stencil. Airbrushing designs can be simple but sleek to wild and extravagant. This is one of the quicker ways to applying art form onto the nails as the stencils base design is already in shape form. To speed up the drying process a nail/heat dryer and you have fab nails in a fab time scale!

But which art form to choose? Which is better for your nails? Which looks better on your nails?  
For me Minx its hit or i find it can look tacky if the right nail foil is not chosen. Minx also claims to be Eco-friendly as nail polish remover is not needed plugging in a hair dryer Eco friendly then? hmmm
Nail Art simply wonderful...there are some very clever and pretty designs out there, I'm always keeping an eye on them rhinestones though! I also think its a good practice to do it your own nails and create designs.
Air brush again some very pretty designs, however if your looking for something different you could always have the same one design as the lady sitting next to you? A stencil is a stencil right?  On the plus side of airbrushing if you are are tight for time and need a flawless nail appointment in your lunch break this would be my option. Air brushing also looks great on acrylic nails.

My verdict Nail Art gets my vote each and every time, if i see a design i like .. i'll tweak it. :-)  It is nice to match your nails to fashion and bring out individuality.I love the pure Art and talent in Nail Art.!
A little beauty you can do your self, with a bit of practice when painting the non-writing hand.

What is your verdict?                        

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  1. I tried the minx nails a few months back and gosh it was terrible ^^' my nails were horrible and messy. I think I would prefer air brush. :P

    Thanks for this post! :) XX

    Welcome to blogging btw! You'll enjoy it here.